Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) was born just before the Indian Independence during the days fomenting with nationalistic inspirations. Dr Hira Lal Roy, the great visionary and pioneer of chemical engineering education in India, along with few other stalwarts felt the need for such a forum within the country to rear the nascent initiatives for spread of chemical engineering education and foster the interest of the profession.A modest beginning was made on 18 May 1947 in a room of Jadavpur University, Kolkata, with 30 members, little fund and nominal infrastructure. The IIChE has come a long way since. Today, with around 15,000 members on its roll, the Institute has emerged as the apex professional body of chemical engineering professionals in India and has developed a distinct profile of its own which is everchanging. Even as the IIChE is always moulding itself and playing a proactive role to keep up with the dynamic needs of the society and the economy, its working, governed by an all-India Council, has already revolved round the basic objectives set forth in the Memorandum of Association.

The activities of the Institute are spread across the country through its 33 Regional Centres and 58 Student Chapters, apart from the HQ located at a five-storied building of its own at the Jadavpur University campus. The Regional Centres promote and complement the activities and objectives of the Institute within their respective territorial limits, by organizing meetings, conferences and seminars; arranging workshops, refresher courses and counseling sessions; promoting research; guiding chemical engineering students in career planning; and initiating any other activities which are of social, technical and professional relevance to their members. They serve as open fora for their members who regularly gather for informal get-togethers and exchange of notes. The Regional Centres also confer awards, prizes and scholarships.

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